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Grand Solmar Charity is pleased to announce the success of its blanket donation drive to families in need for the winter season in Cabo San Lucas.

While most would love to escape the snow and sleet for the warmth of Cabo San Lucas during the holiday season, this does not mean that Cabo does not get chilly as well. With an average yearly temperature hovering around 78 degrees,Cabo’s temperate climate can seem like paradise, but for underprivileged families that live in Cabo San Lucas, the winter chill can dip to temperatures below 50 degrees. This is why Solmar Hotels and the Grand Solmar Charity worked hard this winter to purchase blankets for those in need in local communities. Grand Solmar Charity helped keep the community warm this winter season by donating blankets to underprivileged families living in and around Cabo San Lucas.

In Cabo, the coldest days of the year emerge after the holidays, during the months of January and February; like on January 10, 2013, when the temperature hit a chilly 46 degrees. For families in the United States and Canada, these temperatures may seem anything except frigid, but that is due in part to differences in insulation and heating present in modern houses. For those in Cabo, these temperatures can feel extremely frigid in this tropical climate.

Many underprivileged families in Cabo San Lucas and the rest of Mexico live without these conveniences in houses constructed from recycled wood paneling and roofs made from corrugated tin. For these families, having warm blankets are the difference between shivering and sleeping comfortably through the night. Grand Solmar Charity believes that everyone deserves a warm bed and a good night’s rest, which is why the charity has made an effort to provide blankets for many families in Cabo.

The Grand Solmar Charity began with a single donation when Solmar Hotels CEO Francisco Bulnes gave $20,000 in memory of his father, Grand Solmar Hotels Founder Francisco Bulnes  Molledo. Bulnes, inspired by his father, began the charity that is intent on helping the underprivileged people, and especially children, of Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Charity would like to thank its donors, made up of many of Solmar Hotels’ employees and members, for contributing to the warmth and happiness of those less fortunate this holiday season.