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Grand Solmar Land’s End members admire the wonderful oasis of Cabo San Lucas located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Tourists can enjoy off road fun by booking into ATV tours in Cabo San Lucas, driving around in semi-automatic vehicles that are easy to drive and require no special skill. The awesome Cabo beach breaks are just perfect for the cruise passengers, who get to sip cocktails, munch on delicious Mexican treats and kick back and relax to enjoy Cabo’s best people watching  before stepping down to the water to cool off.

Grand Solmar Land’s End members recommend the adventurous tourists to enjoy day excursions on the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy all year sunshine, snorkeling and lots of fun on the warm waters of Baja. There are specially customized boat tours available to suit all tastes right from the ultra luxury to the smooth sailing ones and you can choose the one that fits in with your style of recreational fun. Tourists holidaying in Cabo San Lucas should never miss out the wild and fun rafting tours as they are absolutely exhilarating and a totally different experience.

Grand Solmar Land’s End members love to enjoy the exciting and adventurous canopy tours in Cabo San Lucas soaring high above its canopy floors on some of Mexico’s highest, safest and longest zip line adventures. The waters of the coast of Cabo are home to large pods of Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, these fascinating creatures can be seen from any of the boat tours or during your whale watching excursions. These sure are the most exciting experiences that tourist get to enjoy in beautiful and full of fun Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Land’s End says that there are also many exciting excursions for the tourist who thrive on adrenaline rush of enjoying extreme sports. There as there many options that will leave you feeling pumped up for days. The high end adventurers can throw themselves into a 300-foot free fall with Bungee Jumping, sail hundreds of feet with parasailing and zip line over thousands of feet in the air by booking in a Zip Line excursion. For more information about this and about events going on in Cabo San Lucas, or for help planning your next trip please visit Grand Solmar at their official site http://www.grandsolmarresort.com