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Grand Solmar Timeshare Trip members discuss that if you are planning a road trip for your next vacation you might be wondering what the best way to navigate will be. With so many different apps available today that you can download on your mobile phone it can be tempting to skip the GPS purchase and just go with one of your phone apps. However, before making any final decisions you should consider the following.

It can be tempting to use a GPS app from your phone given the fact that it costs less, but you have to keep in mind that this could incur large data fees remind the members of Grand Solmar Timeshare. GPS apps all use data, and depending on your plan this could quickly add up into overage charges that end up costing more than buying a cheap GPS would. They also are not always as accurate or as pinpointed, so it is a good idea to play with a driving app before you actually choose one for your trip.

Grand Solmar Timeshare also says that it is also important to remember that your phone signal may give out at times, especially if your road trip is going to take you through back road areas. For this reason, it may not be a great idea to depend on your phone in remote areas.

A GPS is simply the best solution for full coverage without any extra fees, but you should think carefully before making an expensive investment. Most of the time a simple GPS will be enough to navigate you through any location in the US.