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Today, more and more couples are considering destination weddings when they plan their big days. Destination weddings can create great memories for everyone involved, and offer everyone a chance to have a relaxing vacation atmosphere while they celebrate in a beautiful location. However, like all weddings, Grand Solmar Timeshare know that planning destination weddings can be difficult, so they would like to offer these tips to help couples planning their destination weddings do so with ease and fun.

Make it Legal: This is important if you are planning a destination wedding abroad. Some countries will allow you to get married as soon as you arrive, but others may require you to be there for days or weeks before they will allow you to have a legal ceremony in their country.

Book big: In some cases, you may be able to rent all the rooms available in a hotel or resort that is hosting or is near your ceremony, and doing so will allow you to cut down on the costs of having all your guests book their own rooms. Doing this during less busy times of year will also make it easier and possibly cheaper.

Make it easy on your guests: Grand Solmar Timeshare knows that a destination wedding can be a financial burden for your guests, so try to help them out. Try to pick a site that is equally distant for all of your guests and is easy for them all to get to, and make sure that you give them plenty of notice so that they can make sure they can get there. Go the extra mile and do some research on travel deals for them, and if needed, maybe even consider having a fund to help guests with the travel expenses.