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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Foundation has been helping by giving back. Ever since 1974, Solmar Hotels and Resorts have set the pace when it comes to sports fishing and tourism. This is thanks to the potential the founder saw in Cabo to become a top-class resort area given the perfect mix of natural beauty, fantastic weather, excellent fishing opportunities and proximity to the USA. Grand Solmar Vacation Club has had a close link to the history and growth of Cabo as a leading vacation spot. From the time the town could only boast of a landing strip with no roads, water, or electricity; Solmar Group has remained a constant, helping Cabo to become the most essential sports fishing destination in Mexico and a vacationer’s paradise.

The efforts by Grand Solmar Vacation Club have not only been channeled towards offering tourists top-of-the-range resort and accommodation experiences but also towards the improvement of the local community’s living standards.

There remains a desperate need for basics such as food, medical care, education, etc. in the community; something that Solmar Foundation seeks to improve through a rigorous corporate social responsibility initiative. In memory of the visionary behind the Solmar collection of hotels and resorts, Don Luis Bulnes Molleda, Solmar Group created a non-profit organization that is committed to continually find ways of providing aid where it is most needed throughout the town of Los Cabos.

The Solmar Foundation, through a variety of its branches, supplies essential social services that the government cannot meet by focusing on areas such as education, medical assistance, and the growth of marketable skills. Thanks to the long-standing relationship between Solmar Group and Los Cabos, Don Luis’s legacy has always been to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the area. The Solmar Foundation is just proof of the of the organization’s commitment to carry on with this legacy. Thanks to helping from their valued guests, Solmar Groups gets to fulfill this vision by providing critical services throughout the Los Cabos society.

Many people are still living under the poverty line in Mexico. According to the UNICEF, there are more than 50 million in the country who can’t meet their basic needs for education, food, and health care, some of whom live in Los Cabos. Families living in poverty is an effort by Solmar Foundation that seeks to better the lives of the needy through the provision of these missing basics. The foundation also realizes that these homeless and penniless children are vastly exposed to the risk of diseases and acknowledges that education is key to a better future for them. This is why it has invested in some educational programs to impart critical knowledge while making sure their health is prioritized through health assistance for kids.

Solmar Foundation aims to achieve a better life for the needy by focusing on the most disadvantaged, women, and kids living in poverty. By working closely with other public agencies and NGOs, they mobilize resources and channel this aid to regions where it will benefit the locals the most.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club continues to offer guests one of the best vacationing experiences in the world. With polarizing views of the deep blue sea and dramatic oceanic scenes, you will get all the inspiration you need for relaxation, adventure, and romance. The atmosphere is serene, paired with high-quality hospitality from the polite staff and sumptuous culinary offerings, tropical cocktails for your ultimate enjoyment. There are numerous fun activities to keep you entertained at Solmar Hotels and Resort. Whether you want to go sports fishing, take it easy on the golf course, or take a dip in the infinity pools; everything you need will be available to you. With a location that is just a stone throw away from town, you get the opportunity to explore the local culture and even satisfy your shopping cravings.

Solmar Foundation has remained steadfast in its quest to improve the living standards of needy people throughout Los Cabos. This opportunity to help the poor is also extended to their valued guests where you can donate to the various charitable courses when you visit their Solmar Hotels and Resorts. You can make a financial donation, or bring with you necessities that will benefit the orphanages, schools, and other programs meant for the poor. Guests can also go on a charitable excursion in the local communities and get a first-hand experience of what the efforts by Solmar Foundation seek to achieve.

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