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If you’ve ever spent your holiday at the Grand Solmar Vacation Club in Los Cabos, you know how serene and exciting the experience can be. Everything has been tailored to ensure guests experience ultimate comfort while providing endless entertainment opportunities.

The resort itself is one of the top resorts in all of Mexico. Boasting unparalleled views with Whale watching right from your room.

This is paradise, and many call Grand Solmar Vacation Club their home away from home for good reason.

The upscale luxury experience you receive is second to none, and most resort members and guests don’t want to leave. However, for those wishing to explore some cool things to do, here are a few suggestions.

Among the different thrilling activities that our friendly staff can book for you, the sailing tours and snorkeling trips have proven to be a hit with vacationers. There’s nothing as surreal and thrilling as discovering the beauty of Los Cabos from the luxury of a sailing yacht.

Luxury Sailing Tours

Los Cabos is among the ideal places to experience sailing at its finest. The Grand Solmar Vacation Club provides vacationers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do just that with an outstanding Los Cabos luxury sailing tour. Get to kick back and relax in a comfortable French-made sailing yacht that has been designed for your unlimited pleasure.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Los Cabos Sailing and Snorkeling tours (3)

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Los Cabos Sailing and Snorkeling tours


This all-inclusive adventure is all about discovering the extreme natural wonders of Cabo from the sea. You’ll have friendly guides aboard the sailing boat to provide helpful insight about the region’s best-kept secrets as you cruise through notable hot spots.

Get to revel in the picturesque views of the turquoise Pacific waters as the tour takes you past the famous Arch at the southern tip of Los Cabos and Lover’s Beach, with an opportunity to see a colony of sea lions.

This trip provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality one-on-one time with your better half. Take them on an exclusive adults-only sunset sailing trip and immerse yourselves into a world of fantasy and romance to mark your wedding anniversary or celebrate your engagement.

Savor the spectacular views with a refreshing glass of wine and marvel at the beauty of the Los Cabos sunset in your life partner’s warm and cozy arms.

Seaside Entertainment

Sightseeing is not the only activity to indulge in aboard the Los Cabos luxury sailing trip; an attentive crew on board will be keen to ensure that you have non-stop entertainment throughout the journey.

Enjoy the world-class service with a glass of wine in the open bar and engage your taste buds by sampling the gourmet lunch served on deck. Don’t forget to keep watch as you enjoy your luxury tour; you might be lucky enough to see some fascinating marine creatures like dolphins, stingrays, or even humpback whales.

If you carry a camera, take the time to capture one of the most exciting experiences in your life…it is worth remembering.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Los Cabos Sailing and Snorkeling tours (2)

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Los Cabos Sailing and Snorkeling tours


Luxury Snorkeling Trip

If you are not afraid of getting in the water, you don’t have to worry about staying confined inside the sailing yacht. The trip organizers will allow you to enjoy snorkeling midway through the sail.

The guides will help you get suited up in your snorkeling gear and proper equipment to prioritize your safety when you get in the water and start enjoying this fun aquatic sport.

This magical experience will also expose you to the diverse marine life in Los Cabos and panoramic underwater landscapes that you’ve never seen before. Get to experience the highlights of Cabo from above and below the depths of the sea with the help of experienced and friendly guides.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club reviews


Enjoy snorkeling alongside impressive landmarks home to diverse marine life, such as the brilliantly colored tropical fish that are a sight to behold.

The expert guides will ensure that you have a complete exploration of Cabo by taking you through picturesque hotspots that very few have had the chance to discover — getting to encounter the exciting marine life and iconic landmarks up close and personal makes for a unique way of enjoying snorkeling.

The Grand Solmar Vacation Club ensures that guests experience the best memories of their lives during their stay at this magnificent holiday resort.

Thanks to the exciting sailing tours and seaside activities provided by our trusted and vetted outside tour companies, we make sure you are in excellent and safe hands.

You can always look forward to your next visit. Suppose you are a sailing enthusiast who likes to explore spectacular sights from the water. In that case, the Los Cabos luxury sailing tours and snorkeling adventures are a convenient way to spend your time in Grand Solmar Vacation Club.

The tours are fun with entertaining guides, and the boats come equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and facilities. Your safety is secure, and you can expect an overdose serving of pure fun.

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