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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Members Love Cabo San Lucas for a good reason. Famous arch of Los Cabos. Mexico. Baja California Sur.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members continue to flock to Cabo San Lucas, the famous city at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, famous for its sandy beaches, world-class locations, and abundant marine life, which is a real holiday spot where fun and enjoyment await for your entire family.

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The best part of coming to Solmar for a relaxing vacation is the location of the resort. So close to downtown and the marina and Malecon around the many yachts. Cabo San Lucas is your dream destination. It is no wonder people come back year after year.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members say that the oceans warmth in Cabo San Lucas, its beautiful landscapes, and its abundant Sports Fish motivate tourists to visit this beautiful city.

Tourists come to this vacation and Spa destination as it has many exciting places to visit, and the stunning all-inclusive resorts are built on it.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommends Mexico for a worry-free vacation as the inclusive resort includes meals, entertainment, and activities in the all-inclusive packages.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Hump Back Whale


The Golden Corridor of Cabo San Lucas is where the tourist enjoys the most, and this has undoubtedly become a haven for Hollywood stars. The open, warm waters attract hundreds of whales who give birth to their offspring. You can watch the pods of whales in the warm ocean around the area as they bear their calves and catch sight of the different marine bird species and the diversified fauna.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club people say that Cabo San Lucas is the longtime favorite of all tourists looking for an excellent climate. The first-class facilities and luxurious amenities create a perfect vacation in beautiful Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is the ideal destination for an excellent natural and adventurous holiday experience.

Our club offers you an ultimate escape from the real world as the all-inclusive package provides the best value for your money. The advantage of everything included helps you to budget your money as through this; you will already know the total cost of your vacation before you leave. You can indulge in endless activities at the all-inclusive resorts as you never run out of things to do there.


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Grand Solmar Vacation Club members advise that with the world-class hospitality, delivering the ultimate in a vacation experience all in a spectacular setting is reason enough for you to visit. Once you see it once you are back again and again. It is one destination that keeps you wanting more; many have called it their second home.

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