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Grand Solmar Vacation Club knows that there are many attracting sights and sound to see in Cabo San Lucas for the awe-inspired tourist. So if you are planning a vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, then your days are sure to be packed, full of fun and excitement. No matter how busy you are, you sure will take time out to enjoy its main attractions.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club guides you to the best attractions of Cabo San Lucas that you wouldn’t want to miss.

El Arco, the famous rock formation of Cabo San Lucas is also visible from the Medano Beach and is a sight that you would certainly not miss. Tourists can even hire a glass-bottom boat tour, a whale watching charter or diving and snorkeling guide to enjoying things in proximity.

Los Arcos (the Arch) at Lands End at Cabo San Lucas Baja Mexico

The waters around Cabo San Lucas are clear as crystal and teeming with the most exotic marine life. This surely makes this area a haven for enthusiastic snorkelers and diverse. It stands out to one of the signature attractions of Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club knows that the beach-loving tourists love the secluded cove of Lover’s Beach, hidden at the tip of Land’s End. There are also beaches facing ocean on both sides, but tourist should be careful and only swim in the Sea of Cortez side and avoid swimming in the Pacific as the coats on its side is too dangerous to swim.

Lovers beach by Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Grand Solmar Vacation Club says that scuba divers and snorkelers try to enjoy the sand falls, it is a stunning waterfall of Sandy that cascades down at a depth of a hundred and twenty feet below. If you are a diving enthusiast, you would never miss the challenge of enjoying such a spectacular sight underwater.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club says that there is so much to do and see in Cabo San Lucas that it becomes quite tough to view all its top attractions in one visit. If you know how to design up and plan your holiday experiences you sure will get to see more of Cabo San Lucas then you ever dreamed possible.

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