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Grand Solmar Vacation Club reviews a vacation in Cabo San Lucas as one of the best experiences for excitement and relaxation. Grand Solmar Vacation Club members know many attractive sights, sounds and activities await in Cabo San Lucas for the awe-inspired tourist.

So if you are planning a vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, then your days are sure to be packed, full of fun and excitement. No matter how busy you are, most visitors will take time out to enjoy at least some of the area’s main attractions. Generally, you will be spending at least some time on the beach or in the warm tropical waters.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Reviews A Vacation in Cabo San Lucas (3)


Grand Solmar Vacation Club reviews a vacation in Cabo San Lucas and guides you to the best attractions of Cabo San Lucas that you wouldn’t want to miss. Our knowledgeable and helpful concierge staff will help you book tickets to all the best attractions and activities in town while you are on vacation. And the following are just a few examples of some of the most popular places to visit while on vacation in Los Cabos.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Reviews A Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

El Arco, the famous rock formation of Cabo San Lucas, sits at Land’s End and is visible from Medano Beach. As one of the best-known landmarks of Los Cabos, it is a sight that you would certainly not want to miss getting a picture of yourself with it in the background.

Los Arcos (the Arch) at Lands End at Cabo San Lucas Baja Mexico


Grand Solmar Vacation Club reviews a vacation in Cabo San Lucas and reveals that tourists have several options for getting up close to this landmark, such as a glass-bottom boat tour, a whale watching charter, diving or snorkeling guided trips, by water taxi, or even just on a jet ski rental. To enjoy this famous landmark in proximity, choose from any of those options or ask your captain for a quick stop during any fishing charter.

The waters around Cabo San Lucas are clear as crystal and teeming with the most exotic marine life. The warm tropical waters in the area are a haven for enthusiastic snorkelers and divers. There are plenty of dive shops in both towns that offer a wide variety of dive trips, or you can rent snorkel equipment for the day, according to many Grand Solmar Vacation Club members.

Some of the beaches along the Los Cabos corridor are preferred for snorkel trips as they are less frequented than the downtown Medano Beach and there are not as many motorized water sports available. Generally, the fewer people and the fewer activities at the beach, the more sea life you will see underwater.

Lovers beach by Grand Solmar Vacation Club


Grand Solmar Vacation Club knows that the beach-loving tourists love the secluded cove of Lover’s Beach, hidden at the tip of Land’s End. There are also beaches facing the ocean on both sides, but tourist should be careful and only swim in the Sea of Cortez side and avoid swimming in the Pacific as the coats on its side is too dangerous to swim.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club says that scuba divers try to enjoy the famous sand falls, as it is a stunning waterfall of sand that cascades down continuously at a depth of over a hundred feet below the water’s surface. If you are a diving enthusiast, you would never miss the challenge of enjoying such a spectacular sight underwater.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club says that there is so much to do and see in Cabo San Lucas that it becomes pretty tough to view all its top attractions in one visit. Members and guests of Grand Solmar Vacation Club are encouraged to use our concierge services to ensure that they can do and see as much as possible while on vacation in Los Cabos.

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