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Most vacation club members at Solmar have been visiting Cabo for years, some even decades! Many members have favorite restaurants on the marina, near or in town, and many enjoy preparing meals within their suites on-site at their home resort. The resort knows that members have plans to enjoy their favorites, and that they love visiting with friends they have made all over Cabo. A very large percentage of members choose to spend about half of their vacation week on-site, meaning at the pool, using the spa, on the beach, or relaxing in their suites. On these days, most of these members eat at the pool; enjoy breakfast at the resort, and dinner on-site at a theme night event, or at one of the many restaurants. On these “Resort” days, those members are on-site; the meal plan is a great option, as it provides great savings on vacation dollars that most members spend anyway! The meal plan is also now flexible in that it can be for 3 days, so you still get 4 days of your week, to enjoy your favorites downtown.

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Some people live stressful lives, back and forth from school, soccer practice or ballet with kids, weekends are full of parties and events and so on. So when they get on vacation, they do not want to think, they want to literally be in the moment. The meal plan is great for these people as you can eat or drink all you like, when you like, and not have to worry about anything, and just have fun with your family.

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Now, an important point here is that just like vacation ownership is not for everyone, the resort knows the meal plan is not for everyone. This is precisely why it is optional. Many people think they will not get the value out of it as they do not drink alcohol, or eat on-site. If that is the case, simply do not buy it, you have the in-suite kitchen and ability to cook your own meals and pick and choose where and when you eat without it of course. For families with children, it is a great option for snacks at the pool, the breakfast buffet and dinner, as it gives you a lot of choices and options and most importantly no stress. Many owners continue to reserve the flex-days as it produces a nice balance of options and savings to enjoy the resort and unwind fully, and then the freedom to discover new Cabo favorites or old hot spots. You make the call and either way, you will be in Cabo so have fun and enjoy!

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