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Global fraud seems to be increasing every year. The banking and financial institutions have been major targets for several decades, and the real estate and vacation ownership industries have also been targeted heavily. It is very important that members and guests always remember some key information to avoid being the victim of these scams. This information can serve useful with all types of services or products you may use in your everyday life, as scammers are always innovating their tactics and looking for new ways to defraud hardworking people.

• Watch for unofficial or fake URL’s. Grand-solmar.com is not the official URL neither is RanchoCaboSanLucas.com the official sites would not have a hyphen nor an extra word in them. It is Rancho San Lucas, not Rancho CABO San Lucas and grandsolmar.com is the official website, any other spelling would be fake.
• Was the offer unsolicited? Your home resort does not rent or resell your weeks, they have hotel inventory for that purpose they do NOT rent member weeks. So if you receive an offer guaranteeing you rental, it is FAKE, as the resort does NOT offer this service.
• Are they asking you to send money by wire transfer? All your payments have been made in the US and via credit card or check, maintenance fees, membership, there are NO payments due in Mexico, other than your onsite bill for food and beverages after your stay. All your bills are handled by your billing company do NOT ever send a wire transfer.
• Be cautious where you share your membership details. Many times members offer to rent or sell their inventory and give up sensitive information related to their ownership. Be cautious where you advertise and what personal data is online related to you and your membership.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Scam Warning 2

Beware of scam

Remember that scammers are always looking for new ways to scam, as their old tricks are discovered and released to the public, they look to innovate. Be aware and vigilant, and if in doubt contact Member Services at the official contact information or email [email protected].

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