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Grand Solmar Vacation Club would like to offer visitors to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, some insight into Santiago’s quaint little town, which is north of San Jose Del Cabo, on the way to the East Cape.

About 1-hour drive from the town of San Jose Cabo, where the airport is located, you will come across one of the few turn-offs of the trans-peninsula Highway 1 of Baja South. If you head left off of this turn off in about 3 miles, the scenery changes from the rugged desert landscape into a lush, tropical, almost jungle-like town that has a zoo, a beautiful church and town square, and even some of the most beautiful waterfalls this part of Mexico has to offer.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Offers The Best Vacation Experience

Members recommend doing this tour either on your own through renting a car with your hotel concierge or through one of the tour companies, like Cabo Adventures or the many other great companies operating in Los Cabos.

This excursion to Santiago takes you to a small authentic Mexican town, where people live off the land, and the small town square is like something you would see in a movie. Members also recommend bringing a bathing suit with you in the summer months after the mountains’ heavy rain.

The rivers are flowing, and there are lovely waterfalls to swim under only about 10 minutes from Santiago’s main town square.
Another top Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommendation is to check out the Santiago zoo; the zoo has no set entry fee, just a small or large donation of your choice to the animals’ conservation. Most animals and reptiles are native to the Baja, but some have been rescued that now call the zoo their home.

Finally, Grand Solmar Vacation Club would also like to recommend Palomar restaurant highly. It would be such a great way to spend the last part of your trip in Santiago before leaving town getting a fishbowl size lemonade or frozen margarita sitting under the tall trees by the river.

This is a great little day trip that visitors who seek a real authentic Mexican town should not miss, and for this reason, a Solmar top choice for an adventure!

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