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Almost that time of year! Whale season officially begins November and runs through March or April each year. The migratory pattern of the grey and humpback whales, bring them to the warm waters off Southern Baja California to give birth to their calves and teach them to swim and breach. From summering in Alaska and Northern Canada, the whales switch it up and winter in Mexico, not a bad lifestyle; in fact many Grand Solmar members do the exact same thing!

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The Pacific Ocean provides the absolute best views of these whales breaching, you can get close and personal, but you do not have to when you stay at a Grand Solmar Vacation Club Resort.

From your suite, from the pool or from the beach you can watch a whale show almost every single day! Of course, another popular way, to see the whales is on a sunset cruise or whale-watching cruise. Pay special attention on which cruise you select, as there are several responsible operators that know how to provide a great experience from a safe distance and respect the creatures space and habitat. Rancho San Lucas published an amazing article on their site last year https://www.ranchosanlucas.com/news/whale-season-cabo-full-swing/ about how to choose a responsible tour operator and which ones you can pick, its a great read.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members seem to have their favorite spot for whale watching picked out though; the beach. While the tours are great, and something everyone should experience at least once, the beach is a really special spot to witness the whales. They play so close off shore it is really already quite up close, and also, being on the beach, and watching them in their natural habitat, at sunset, is a truly special experience. There is no better way to end a day than with a family walk, a romantic beach walk with a bottle of wine, or a relaxing solo stroll to clear your head and just take in nature. The property at Rancho San Lucas has an especially large beach with literally miles of sand to walk and explore, and dozens of secluded areas to relax and enjoy your own personal whale watching show at sunset.

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There really is never a bad time to be in Los Cabos. But if you have the choice when planning your vacation, the November through April months, provide amazing weather and great offshore entertainment. Be in the lookout for the breaching whales and whale tails on your next visit to Los Cabos. See you soon!

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