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Grand Solmar at Land’s End is known for being one of the top luxury vacation providers in Mexico, and all that visit this world-famous resort will soon discover how highly regarded they are for all they do in order to please each and every person who visits their stunning property each year.

The perks of also having a staff that is extremely well-versed in customer service is another of the high points of planning a trip with this provider, all things that travelers both desire and strive for whenever coordinating their vacations this year. That’s why they hope to recommend things to see and do in the area, and El Vizcaino is a great choice for all those who love wildlife and nature.

For those who aren’t familiar, Grand Solmar at Land’s End shares the El Vizcaino Biosphere as one of the top nature reserves in all of Mexico. This area is also home to a whale sanctuary, something everyone will enjoy seeing during their trip. Many people out there aren’t aware that Cabo San Lucas is where the whales migrate during certain months of the year, and now is the perfect chance to get to see these interesting creatures up close and personal.

Another one of the best things about spending time at El Vizcaino is seeing all of the other animals that populate the area. Seals, sea lions, and four different species of endangered marine turtles all call the reserve their home, and travelers might find this to be the only time they get to see them up close and personal. All those who love wildlife, nature and discovering new things will find this to be a fun vacation activity highly recommended by Grand Solmar at Land’s End. For more information please visit http://www.grandsolmarresort.com